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Endurance Bike Fit

This 90 minute appointment at the fit studio with comprehensive evaluation and fitting will have you ready to perform your best! 

Endurance Bike Fits include:


-Cyclist evaluation by a physical therapist 

-On the bike biomechanics assessment 

-Modification of bike positioning.

-If applicable, exercise prescription will also be included in this fit option 


Endurance fits include a follow up appointment within three weeks of the initial fitting for minor adjustments.

Total Cost: $250

Weekender Bike Fit

If you love to cruise the bike path this is the fit for you! This basic fit will help you get comfortable and make sure you are safe on your bike. The Weekender Fit includes adjustment of saddle height and handlebar height (not intended for those who ride with clipless pedals/shoes). This 30 minute appointment will get you back on the path in no time!

Total Cost: $75

Peloton Fit

Does your Peloton not feel quite right? Is pain keeping you from riding as often or as long as you'd like? The answer you are looking for is a proper fit! Something so small as cleat position can have a major impact on your spinning. This 60 minute on location appointment will have you positioned for the leaderboard!

Price Varies Based on Location

Bike Fit Consultation

Not sure which package is right for you? Or not ready to commit to a full Endurance Bike Fit? No problem, bring your bike in for a 30 minute consultation. If you decide to schedule an Endurance Bike Fit, the consultation fee will be applied to that service.

Total Cost: $50

On Location Bike Fit

If the trek to Harwich is not convenient, on location bike fitting will bring all the benefits of an Endurance Bike Fit to you!

Price and Availability Varies Based on Location

Endurance Bike Fit
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