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"I have been getting the best bike fit done by Stephanie for last 3 years. If you want to ride happily and pain-free for many years and miles to come, do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of a proper bicycle fit with Stephanie Soares of Cape Cod Bike Fit. It is a good investment for your cycling comfort, it will help you improve your performance, prevent any pain or avoid injuries, and most importantly her experience in physical therapy is enormously helpful to understand the anatomy and the cause of your discomfort. If you are suffering from numb hands or toes, knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder discomfort or any number of other aches and pains after riding your bike, it is likely due to improper bike fit. Stephanie is a professional who will help you feel better and happier on your bike!"

Julia K.

"I recently bought a new bike and was having some pain in my shoulders,knees and feet and a friend of mine recommended a professional bike fit. The first time I got on my bike after seeing Cape Cod Bike Fit, I felt like I was riding a new bike. I no longer have pain and I am very comfortable riding. Anyone who is experiencing any kind of pain riding their bike they should have a fit done. Stephanie is a professional and will make the adjustments needed to make your riding a better experience"

Marcia A.

"Steph has been both my PT and my bike fitter. She helped me fully recover from a broken collarbone as the result of a bike crash. Her custom bike fit created a more comfortable pedal stroke, better weight distribution and bike handling as well as helped resolve some foot pain I was experiencing on long rides."

Chris H.