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"Basic Bike Maintenance and Roadside Repair Workshop" -The Recap

Last month, Cape Cod Bike Fit hosted a “Basic Bike Maintenance and Roadside Repair Workshop”. It was so nice to see a mix of new and familiar faces--all excited to learn about their bike! Here’s an overview of the workshop, stay tuned for future workshops by following Cape Cod Bike Fit on Facebook.

Maintenance Checklists:

-Every Ride:

-Tire pressure (target pressure should be on the sidewall of your tire)


-Squeeze one lever and try to push the bike forward, repeat with the other brake

-Spin wheels individually to ensure brakes are not dragging

-Quick release/skewer, check for tightness

-Chain lubrication: a lubed chain is a happy chain and will increase the life of your components


-Check tightness of bolts: saddle, headset, CLEATS!

-Tire wear: cracks, etc

-Brake wear: pads have grooves to indicate wear, if no grooves time to replace

Chain Care

Remove excess grit/dirt with towel, use chain cleaning tool with degreaser, apply lube 3-4 full rotations, allow lube to sit on chain 1-2 min. and then remove excess with cloth

Fixing a Flat

-Flat kit items: 2 tire levers, pump or CO2, tube


-Release brakes

-Remove wheel

-Quick look for puncture

-Release remaining air from tube

-Using tire levers, starting opposite the valve, remove tire from rim

-Unscrew valve nut and remove tube

-Carefully inspect the tire for puncture or debris

-If safe to ride on the tire, slightly inflate the replacement tube

-Place valve in the rim, starting opposite the valve begin to reseat tire on rim making sure the tube is not pinched between the tire and the rim

-Gently inflate the tube, check that the tube is not protruding from tire

-Fully inflate, re-install the wheel on your bike, engage your brakes

*These are notes from the full workshop and not intended

to be a comprehensive guide*

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