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Bike Fit FAQ: Part 1

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Are you uncomfortable on your bike? Not riding as well as you’d hoped? Lets talk...

Here are two questions I get often:

Why do I need a bike fit?

If you ride your bike for more than an hour, you need to make sure your bike fit is correct. I’m a math and science person so bring on the numbers. The average recreational cyclist strives for a cadence of 90 pedal strokes per minute. In just one hour of cycling at this cadence the cyclist will accomplish 5400 pedal strokes. If your bike isn’t fit to you, this can quickly lead to injury. But you are in luck, the great thing about a bicycle is that it is very adjustable! There is a good fit for everyone but it is not a cookbook formula that you can get off the internet. It is important to find a professional to help you achieve the best possible position on the bike.

Why is a Physical Therapist doing bike fitting?

When I introduce myself as a physical therapist, people are often confused by my next line about bike fitting. The crucial first step of a bike fit is physical assessment of the cyclist. A physical therapist is without question the best person for the job. Physical therapists are experts in how the body moves and how to address impairments. This allows PTs to assess a cyclist and use that valuable information to achieve the best possible position on their bike. Having a bike fit without a solid physical assessment is like trying to solve a mystery without a complete investigation.

Stay tuned for more FAQs, science as it relates to cycling and other helpful cycling related information. To schedule a bike fitting email:

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